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Blind Spot

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Blind Spot
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DeadpanSal 7th Nov 2016, 7:07 PM edit delete
There is nothing more terrifying than finding an encounter that's meant to capitalize on your weak points.


TheStevest 24th Nov 2017, 6:41 AM edit delete reply
An NPC, that shoots things you can't see, an NPC that blocks your magic and a clever player that wants to murder you and your puppies.
Should be easy to deal with that as a blind bender.
kidra 5th Jan 2018, 11:16 AM edit delete reply
That's why you always need another trick up your sleeve.
I once had an archer who could shoot in adjacent squares in addition to far away. He was fantastic, since it meant he could hit just about anyone on the board from wherever he was.

My gm decided to make it challenging by creating an anti-archery monk who could deflect my arrows. After just two rounds of not being able to hit the monk I thought I was dead.

Then I remembered I had a tanglefoot bag.

I hit the monk with it, and due to a bad check on his part he was rendered completely immobile, leaving him open to a coup de gras.

Never rely on a single strategy.