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Origin Story III

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Origin Story III
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Author Notes:

DeadpanSal 22nd Jul 2018, 7:51 PM edit delete
Janine Weers is an interesting character, weary and beaten up so much she's laconic and inert but kind of a rebel and brilliant. Since she doesn't hold much self-esteem, she wants to foster greatness in others - which has included Finn (Steven and the Crystal GMs) and Luke (Grand Line 3.5).

She talks as little as possible, but can be coaxed into action and get lively. This really only gets seen when she has others to influence her and in the safest of situations. She hates Tom, but never really seems able to stay away from him. A majority of the things printed by Weers Publishing were her creations. After running away, she opened a rival company with the help of a friend and created revolutionary materials that awed the gaming world.

Anyway, more on that later.