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New Update!

by DeadpanSal

So the main comic finished season 1 of Korra and is in the "Crit Con" arc. You can now jump to the tumblr site using the banner. And the Patreon too. Not that this comic isn't always completely free. It just lets you read using the Dropbox, which updates way more. That's about to finish Korra book 2! I'm more than halfway done with the second story! Less than a year more of writing this comic if I'm lucky! Onto the next one!


by DeadpanSal

Okay, so we got Book 3 of Aang's story done on the Tumblr site and a few pages of Book 3 on here. Problem is, I used hotlinks to connect this site to images from the tumblr page and those seem to break randomly. So I've been going through and redoing them, which led to breaks again. Now I'm just uploading them all directly here. So far I'm up to page page 391. I should be able to catch up soon so everything's readable on here. But really, just read them at dandaangvanced.tumblr.com and skip all that. Plus, you'll get to read Rastaba's awesome filler arc (which is totally canon) and see a few extras, like text updates on what I'm working on, little sketches, or me stopping everything to tell you how much is in the queue at any given time (180 pages of Korra, at today's count!)

So hopefully by the next time you start reading, we'll be all cleaned up and running smooth!

Oh, and also I have a Patreon but I haven't linked it yet: https://www.patreon.com/DeadpanSal

Welcome to the Party!

by DeadpanSal

Hi guys. I'll be crosspositing comics from my main site here over a sustained period. You'll get a good flow of them as I import them over, but if you want to just binge everything I've made the link is http://dandaangvanced.tumblr.com/post/124801483684/dd-aangvanced-1-choose-your-own-adventure

Right now the comic is publishing the later portion of Book 2 and production for pages in The Beach is happening right now. If you want to chat with anyone about it, there's a thread about it on Giant In The Playground's forums. Welcome to the comic!